Olive oil + Manuka honey soap bar

A true traditional Castile Soap - Pure olive oil at it's best.
Extra gentle, mild and suitable for use on face and body.
Fragrance free formulation provides the most gentle care and effective cleansing for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
Pure, natural, artificial ingredients free, naturally nourishing soap bar.
Handmade from scratch, using traditional technique of soap making the Cold Process Method, chosen to protect the valuable properties and health benefits of ingredients used to make soap. Curing time for soap made with this technique is 4-6 weeks. Biodegradable, and kind to our skin and our planet.
Made out of chamomile infusion, Manuka honey and pure, skin-beneficial plant oils.
Botanical Soap Therapy soaps form a creamy lather that hydrates and conditions even the most sensitive of skins
Net weight : approx. 90g

    Botanical Soap Therapy

    Redcross, Co.Wicklow